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About us


Yudai Fujita

Fujita Yudai

Born in 7,May,1987. Grew up in Tochigi prefecture.

Became hot air balloon pilot at the age of 18. After that, I have a brilliant grade in the competition as a one of the top pilot in the world.​

  • 2007 First participation in Japanese national. Got 2nd place and Rookie of the year.

  • 2008 First Participation in World championship as a Japanese university student.

  • 2018 The youngest victory in Japanese national.

  • 2012 3rd place in World championship. First medal as Japanese.

  • 2014 1st place in World championship. First victory as Japanese.

  • 8 times win in Japanese Grand prix.

Now increasing experience as commercial​ pilot and in charge of Twitter account of PUKAPUKA.

Kanako Fujita

Fujita Kanako

Born in 20,February,1990. Grew up Saga prefecture.

Worked at NipponElectlicCompany and TogamiElectricMfg as System design and Electronic circuit design.

Like hot air ballooning, yoga, riding horse and trip. finally got a hot air balloon pilot license in 2019.

​Now, crewing for passenger flight and charge of planning, public relations(web site, SNS) and management of PUKAPUKA.

Recruting sponsors

There is no doubt that a hot air balloon will be a big advertising tower for your company !!

People have a dream in the SKY.

Your balloon can make them smile when people look up at the sky.

We have a dream of becoming THE BEST BALLOON COMPETITOR in the world.

We want to give dreams to children by realizing our dream.


SO... Let's unite for realization of each other's dream !!

Introducing the competition history and media appearances

​History of hot air balloon competition

About media appearances and publications

About hot air balloon competition

what is PUKAPUKA

Aiming for the champion of the hot air balloon competition in the world

travel the world for ballooning from japan

it't our new project 


​​We are doing all kinds of business related to hot air balloons.

I want to ride in a hot air balloon!

I want to see the competition!

I want to be a pilot!

​ Please feel free to contact us with your requests.


Aiming to be the best in the world in hot air ballooning, we participate in competitions held in Japan and overseas.

At domestic competitions, we are sponsored by Yazuya Co., Ltd. and are active as a Yazuya balloon team .

balloon competition

We are preparing a "pilot training course" for those who aim to become hot air balloon pilots.

We will provide total support such as equipment, accommodation, and accommodation so that even beginners can take on the challenge with peace of mind.



I like hot air balloons! I want to try it too! We run a balloon club " PUKAPUKA CLUB " where such hot air balloon lovers can enjoy balloons together even for beginners.


Flight Experience

We provide services that allow you to enjoy the world of hot air balloons.

・ Air travel "free flight" in a hot air balloon

・ Short trip "moored flight" from the ground to 20m

・ "CHALLENGE" to learn about hot air balloons


I want to know about hot air balloons! For those who say, we are holding a hot air balloon seminar "CHALLENGE" irregularly. Since the knowledge of the pilot license acquisition level is easily explained, even beginners can participate.

スクリーンショット 2020-05-25 14.36.44.png

Balloon Event

If you are considering using a hot air balloon at an event, please feel free to contact us. We support all situations such as companies, local governments, festivals, schools, etc. from planning to operation.

くまモンの気球 係留_210315_30.jpg


We sell and maintain hot air balloons and related products.

・ Ultramagic Balloon hot air balloon

・ Pibal measuring instrument "Wind Bird EX"

・ Other PUKA PUKA related goods

balloon dealer


It's strange, and even if the times change, people still have dreams and hopes in the sky.

If a hot air balloon soars into the sky with a fluffy floating feeling, it will instantly take you to a special extraordinary place away from everyday life, it will be beautiful just by looking at it, and it will impress you no matter how many times you ride it. I will.

But that's not the only attraction.

Sports competitions and adventures are also held in hot air balloons, like competing for how fast and long you can run in athletics, and climbing undeveloped or high mountains in mountaineering.

I want to see a far higher sky that no one has ever seen ...

I want to fly in a place that no one has ever flown ...

I want to go to a place that cannot be reached by land route ...

While there are various fields in hot air balloons, we are aiming to win the "world's best" hot air balloon as a sports competition and to popularize hot air balloons.

  • Realization of the dream "Hot air ballooning world's best"

I am working hard in training in a flying environment all over the world.

In addition, through this activity, we will embody "the importance of having a dream" and "the importance of striving toward a dream."

  • Popularization of hot air balloons

We will contribute to raising awareness of hot air balloons by actively disseminating the world of hot air balloons that we have seen and experienced and holding hot air balloon seminars.

  • Training hot air balloon pilots who will lead the next generation

We will hold hot air balloon seminars to provide a place for correct knowledge education, and follow up so that young people who are interested in hot air balloons do not lose their opportunities due to various conditions.

As a lover of sports to enjoy in the natural environment and a lover of hot air balloons flying in delicate climatic conditions, the rapid climate change these days is a serious problem.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations and declare that we will fulfill our social responsibilities by linking our activities with our efforts toward the SDGs.




We met for the first time in SAGA international balloon festa that participated in different teams.



Yudai planned to stay in Europe from June to July in order to participate in the hot air balloon competition held in Europe.

Kanako planned to stay Poland from July to September.

It was decided to stay in Europe at the same time without knowing rach other's plans.

Knowing each other's plans and travelling together at that summer.


Turning Point

World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2018 held in Austria.The result was 16th place. We felt a crisis that we were left hehind in the changing world level hot air balloon competition.

SO we decided to travel the world for ballooning to become THE WORLD CHAMPION again !

flying is magic

From now on

"PUKAPUKA" is adverbs of Japanese word. It means "floating" in the water or "floating" in the sky.

While aiming at the top of the world, We want to enjoy our favorite things and want to live in a unique way.

We value encounters with people who we meet like you...



In Austria, the place of memories of the previous summer.

We vowed to walk with our future life together.

We got married.

Marridge in Austria
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