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In recent years, the world standard hot air balloon competition has been digitized, and the content of the competition has changed accordingly.
After the 2018 World Championships, I realized that I couldn't compete on the same level as the world's top pilots just by doing activities in Japan.

Since then, I have been conducting the following activities while traveling the world in search of an environment where I can fly in order to aim for the best in the world.

  • We will strive to popularize hot air balloons by communicating the knowledge and experience gained through hot air balloon activities around the world to as many people as possible.

  • Leading the development of the Japanese balloon world by refining technology with the aim of becoming the best in the world

  • Strive to train hot air balloon pilots who will lead the next generation

  • Performing "SDGs" and "Sports SDGs" as a member of enjoying natural sports

We have prepared a plan for corporate partners who are interested in corporate advertising and individual supporters who can personally support us, in order to support the activities of PUKAPUKA .

"Do your best with hot air balloons!" "Let's enjoy Nomad life" "Let's work on SDGs together"

I would like to continue to push forward with the voices of all of you.













Partner's MENU

partner menu

To partners who can support our activities

We have prepared two major menus for our partners.

Please contact PUKA PUKA if you have detailed information or individual requests.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Corporate advertising

Corporate advertising
500,000 yen

You can freely design the flag and tie it to the crown rope to participate in the tournament.

You can choose two competitions from the ones we plan to participate in.


Flight experience

Flight Experience
500,000 yen

We invite one group to free flight or mooring.

You are free to choose your flight location from our expedition, both domestically and internationally.

* The period is one year.

Sponsor's MENU


To sponsors who can support our activities

We will easily propose various forms of support, so please contact PUKA PUKA for details.


Print the company name on the basket

Support with Basket

The logo and company name will be printed on a basket that is lighter than ordinary rattan baskets and is still rare in the world and attracts a lot of attention.


Produce logo wear

Support with Uniform

Please provide team wear with the company logo etc. and wear it when you participate in the tournament. The degree of exposure is also increasing due to media coverage and SNS.


Make a hot air balloon with your favorite design

Support with Hot air balloon

We will participate in the tournament with a hot air balloon that you can design freely. A hot air balloon with a height of 20 m is a masterpiece when viewed from a close distance, and you can recognize which balloon it is from a distance, attracting many people from adults to children.

Supporter's MENU

supporter menu

To supporters who can support our activities

We have prepared three major crowdfunding menus.

Please contact PUKA PUKA if you have detailed information or individual requests.

Bronze supporter
5,000 yen

Bronze supporter

We will send a thank-you email and post your name on our website.

Silver supporter
10,000 yen

Silver supporter

We will send a thank-you email with a video letter and post your name on our website.

Gorld supporter
50,000 yen

Gold supporter

We will send a thank-you email with a video letter and post your name on our website. In addition, we will present PUKA PUKA select products.

* The period is one year.



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