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Balloon Pilot Training

To Be a Hot Air Balloon Pilot !

There is no national qualification for hot air balloon pilots in Japan, but there is a system called "Hot Air Balloon Pilot Skill Certificate" certified by the Japan Balloon Federation. can fly

PUKAPUKA is preparing a short-term intensive pilot training course, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in obtaining a license!


How to become a hot air balloon pilot?

Joined the Japan Balloon Federation as a Pu/t (Pilot under training)

It is necessary to clear the examination criteria stipulated in the "Hot air balloon piloting skill certification system".

First, I will briefly explain the flow from starting training to applying for a license.

Please complete the following procedures ​ within two weeks of the start of training.

  • Join the Japan Balloon Federation (¥4,000)

  • Pu/t registration (¥9,000)

It's time to start training!

​ While conducting flight training with an instructor, we will continue to attend Pu / t workshops and take written exams in parallel.

Pu/t workshop

10 times over 10 hours

flight training

​ written exam


After completing STEP2, you will carry out a solo training flight (solo flight) by yourself in the presence of an instructor.

If you get a recommendation from the instructor in this solo flight, you can proceed to STEP4!


Finally, it's time for the practical exam!

You will be asked to check the knowledge and skills you have learned in the training so far in the presence of an exam designated by the federation. (exam fee: ¥5,000)

If you pass this test, you are finally a hot air balloon pilot!


After passing the practical test in ​STEP4, prepare various documents and apply to the Japan Balloon Federation for a "Hot Air Balloon Pilot Skill Certificate". ​ (New registration fee: ¥20,000)

How long does it take to obtain a license?

In the short-term intensive type, We train every day when We can fly!

It depends on the weather so consider it necessary for about 1 month, please.

About support contents


If you are new to hot air ballooning or don't have your own equipment, don't worry!

We provide total support, from equipment rental to accommodation placement.

Yudai, who is also a former world champion, will share his knowledge and skills as an instructor!

And Hanako will firmly support you as a ground crew. ​


especially every timeCareful feed pack after training flightI am trying to do it.


In the short-term intensive training, we will tell you in detail what you were worried about during the flight, what you want to be aware of, and future goals so that you can fly as a full-fledged pilot in a limited number of times. At the same time, I will explain the unclear points and concerns of everyone at Pu/t while being close to their feelings.


About fees


We have a basic package plan, but we will consider a plan that meets your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

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