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About the team


About our Team

​We are participating Honda Grand Prix as YAZUYA Balloon Team sponsored by YAZUYA corporation since 2013.



2022.4.8 Fri - 4.10 Sun
HONDA GrandPrix Rd.1 Tochigi Balloon Race
Tochigi city, Japan
2022.5.3 Fri - 5.5 Sun
HONDA GrandPrix Rd.2 Saku Balloon Festival
Saku city, Japan
2022.10.14 Fri - 10.16 Sun
HONDA GrandPrix Rd.3 Ichinoseki Balloon Festival
Ichinoseki city, Japan
2022.11.2 Wed - 11.6 Sun
HONDA GrandPrix Rd.4 Saga Balloon Fiesta
Saga city, Japan
2021.11.19 Fri - 11.19 Sun
HONDA GrandPrix Rd.4 Suzuka Balloon Festival
Suzuka city, Japan
2022.9.16 Fri - 9.23 Fri
World Hot Air Championship

Competition Information



There are 5 competition held in all over Japan during a year.

We compete in the overall score of 5 competitions as TEAM.


Japanese National

Determine the Japanese champion for the year.

The champion could participate in World championshiop.


Held once every 2years and determine the world champion.

Really exiciting competition where top pilots from around the world compete their skills.



Sky sports Olympics held once every 4years.

You can see various event of sky sports not only hot air balloon.

What is competition fly

Hot air ballooning began around 1980.


What are you competing for?

In short, fly towards the target and drop a sandbag called a marker. At this time, the points are competed by the closeness of the distance between the center of the target and the marker.

* In addition, we may compete for time, distance between two markers, and wake.

How do you compete?

There are about 20 types of competitions called "tasks", and the competition chairman decides which task to perform in consideration of the weather and wind of the day. The set tasks will be published just before the flight, and the pilots will make a flight plan and fly in a short time.

One to five types of tasks are set in one flight, and the total points of each task during the tournament period of about 2 to 5 days are ranked.


Difficulty of competition

You have to understand the different wind directions and strengths depending on the location, altitude, and time, and use different winds to reach the target.

Build a flight plan of how much wind to use.

Operation technology to catch the wind.

What to do if the wind changes.

It is necessary to process various information in a short time and make a decision.

Team collaboration

The crew informs the pilot of wind information near the target and the movement of other hot air balloons from the ground.
Since the pilot approaches the target while taking this information into consideration, team collaboration is also an important factor.