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What's Wind Bird
What's WB

Wind Bird EX is a pival measuring instrument manufactured by Image Creator-i .

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In hot air balloons, pilots always use Pi-bals to check wind conditions before flying.

It is common to grasp what kind of wind is blowing at what height by following the movement of the pival using the eyes and compass, but if you use Wind Bird EX, the wind direction and speed from the measured pival information Is displayed in a table or figure, so you can easily obtain accurate wind information.

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This Wind Bird EX is a product developed for hot air balloons, but it is also used in other sports competitions to utilize wind information.


By chasing the balloon while looking into the scope, the sensor observes the movement and calculates and displays the wind direction and speed from the data at regular time intervals. The measurement interval can be switched between 30 seconds (50m) and 60 seconds (100m) from the software setting screen.


Install the Wind Bird EX software on your PC. The operation is simple, and measurement and measurement data output can be performed by the following procedure.

  1. Connect the PC and scope and press the "Connect" button

  2. Press the "Start" button when ready for measurement

  3. A sound that counts 3 seconds until the start of measurement sounds, so at the same time as the start sound, release the balloon and start tracking with the scope.

  4. If you lose sight of the balloon on the way, press the "Lost" button. If you want to find the balloon and resume tracking, press the "Start" button.

  5. The measured data can be read with a QR code at any time.

  6. For use in competitions, tables and charts can be output as PDF data with a single click. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer data by registering LINE or email.

Price List
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If you wish to install the software on your PC, we will support it for ¥ 20,000.



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