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Sat, May 02



Consider a flight plan

For those who want to know how hot air balloons fly in the sky and who want to become pilots. Learn how pilots fly in the sky by reading the maps used on the flight and actually making flight plans.

Applications are no longer accepted.
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Consider a flight plan
Consider a flight plan


May 02, 2020, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM



Step up from STEP2!

Let's use the knowledge learned in STEP1 and STEP2 to learn how to read the map and make a flight plan while looking at the map actually used in the flight.

Not only those who want to become pilots, but also those who do not can enjoy it like a game.

The content will be structured based on what you will learn during pilot training, and you will proceed in a hands-on manner, so you can enjoy learning.

If you want to know more, are interested in the crew, or want to become a pilot, please feel free to join us.

Of course children can also participate!

Participation fee: 1,000 yen

★ Please bring your writing utensils.


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