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HOT AIR BALLOONS made by Ultramagic Balloons

We sell hot air balloon equipment made by Ultramagic Balloons, a hot air balloon manufacturer in Spain.

Ultramagic Balloons holds the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA approval and maintains the highest level of aviation quality control, including USFAA type certification. In addition, over 30 years, more than 2000 aircraft have been manufactured and more than 200 have been imported to Japan.

Josep Maria Lladó, General Manager, is an experienced pilot in competition and adventure flights, aiming to make use of her flight experience to create easy-to-use, high-performance products.

* Balloon Company, which has been active as an Ultramagi dealer in Japan, will continue to be a dealer, so if you are already a fan of Ultramagic, please contact Balloon Company.

熱気球の球皮 - UltramagicBalloons


There are nine types of ball skins made using only high-quality materials, with different sizes and cutting methods.

お得に買える熱気球 - UltramagicBalloons

Magic Pack

This is a set menu where you can purchase high quality Ultramagic equipment at a bargain price.

熱気球のバーナー - UltramagicBalloons


An Ultramagic burner that is safe, powerful, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

熱気球関連機材 - UltramagicBalloons


Introducing the equipment and supplies required for flights.

熱気球のバスケット - UltramagicBalloons


A rich lineup including normal type, with door, and lightweight foldable type.

熱気球のアプリ - UltramagicBalloons


The flight app " FlightPack " provided by Ultramagic is also convenient for weight calculation and location information sharing.

軽量化された熱気球機材 - UltramagicBalloons

TEKNO series

A balloon series developed for the purpose of weight reduction.

A pival measuring instrument that easily measures the "wind information" required when flying in a hot air balloon and visualizes it as data. In PUKAPUKA, it sells Paibaru instrument that has been produced by Image Creator-i to "Wind Bird EX".

As a result of continuous improvements such as CX, DX, EX…, the system has become accurate, easy to use, and easy to understand.

パイバル計測器 - WindBird

Wind Bird EX

There are nine types of ball skins made using only high-quality materials, with different sizes and cutting methods.

We sell goods made by PUKA PUKA.





PUKA PUKA hoodie

Yazuya Balloon Team wear is on sale only with back print!


Puka Puka balloon weather stamp

PUKA PUKA is selling LINE stamps for hot air balloon fans!





World Championship Support T-shirt

Support T-shirts to support the World Championships in Slovenia are on sale!


Wind Bird


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